Crane Merchant Media Combo

Create a powerful automated retail store for combination snack and drink, and food vending with the award winning, glass-front Merchant MEDIA Combo. Take advantage of the innovative MEDIA platform that combines a rich user interface functional design that offers more selections and unparalleled merchandising. MEDIA’s modern design attracts and engages consumers with custom graphics, touchscreen, screen messaging, shopping cart, integrated payment systems and digital advertising.

  • Temperature control ranges include to zone or entire cabinet refrigeration for flexible product retailing including cold drinks, dairy, fresh foods , snacks and more
  • Refrigeration Zone Barrier
  • Up to 7 shelves and 12-wide product configurations for a variety of product inventory
  • NAMA Health and Safety Control
  • SureVend technology reliably delivers product
  • Meets 2012 ADA height guidelines
  • Customizable graphics to attract customers and drive same-store sales growth
  • Ready-to-go graphic design solutions for healthy vending


Modern Design Attracts Consumers with Custom Graphics and Screen Messaging
Color Touchscreen and Compelling Digital
Advertising Drive Consumer Engagement


• Guaranteed Product Delivery with SureVend Technology
• Standard Cabinet LED Lighting
• NAMA Health and Safety Control
• Multiple Temperature Settings
(including ambient, refrigerated,
non-perishable, and chilled)
• Multiple Product Configurations
(including all food, combo, and chilled snacks)
• Refrigeration Zone Barrier
• 7″ Touchscreen with Color Display or 3.5″ Keypad
• Surround & Integrated Payment
LED Option
• Heated Door Option
• Custom Graphics
• Internal Tactile Keypad & Speaker Option(for visually impaired operators)

Merchant Combo 4-Wide

• Standard – 38 Selections
• Maximum – 48 Selections
• Shelf Options
– 4 dual-spiral snack/pastry shelf
– 8 single-spiral candy shelf
– 7 single-spiral bottle shelf

Merchant Combo 6-Wide

• Standard – 58 Selections
• Maximum – 72 Selections
• Shelf Options
– 6 dual-spiral snack/pastry shelf
– 12 single-spiral candy shelf
– 1 O single-spiral bottle shelf

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