Evoke USI VT3 – $7495

The Evoke VT3 has a small footprint but packs a punch with its style and design. Vend snacks, refrigerated food, and cold beverages with this versatile variable temperature machine. This sleek vending machine offers versatility with up to 36 selections and is capable of vending refrigerated food, snacks, and cold beverages with various package sizes and form factors such as boxes, cans, and bottles.

Product Specs

Specifications Evoke VT3
Selections Up to 36 items
Capacity Varies with tray configuration
Payment Systems All Industry standard MDB compatible devices
Data Communication DEX/UCS
Electrical Requirements Domestic:  115 VAC/60Hz, 5.5 AMPS; International: 230 VAC/ 50Hz, 4.8 AMPS; With Heated Glass: 115 VAC/60Hz,

6.5 AMPS; International: 230 VAC/50Hz, 4.5 AMPS

Refrigeration Super 1/3 HP, R134a or R-513a Closed System
Height 72” (183 cm)
Width 29.5” (75 cm)
Depth 38” (97 cm)
Ship Weight *691 lbs. (313.4 kg) *Varies with tray configuration and options.


Details–Contact us at Vendors Source Inc. to discuss your equipment needs and additional details about this vending machine.

Standard secondary peripheral opening lets you add your payment or ID system of choice with MDB




LED Showcase lighting


Onboard Pay Range
PayRange is a leading cashless payment technology that utilizes Bluetooth technology and is app-based to provide payment through customers’ mobile devices. Standard on Evoke series equipment.

Delivery Assist
Product is delivered at 15″ via lift mechanism. Operates with one hand.


vending machine payment validatorPayment Validator
All USI equipment comes standard with a coin mech and bill validator from a leading brand





High Capacity Coils – Candy, Gum, MintsSplitting coils for thin products lets you double the capacity of a selection supply fast selling products like gum and mint,roll candies, candy bars and other thin items. Each coil holds 30 items.





High Capacity Coils – Beverages